Who is BNI International®?

BNI International® is the largest business referral organization globally

Business Network International® (BNI®) is a business referral organization whose primary purpose is to assist its members to find and exchange qualified business referrals for each other and develop effective word-of-mouth marketing techniques.

Unlike many other networking groups, BNI® provides its members
with a professional structure and an on-going training system, enabling members to network in a deliberate and focused manner
to produce tangible results. BNI® is the largest business referral organization across the globe – in 2009 BNI® members worldwide passed 6.2 million qualified referrals worth an estimated US $2.6 Million.

Dr Ivan Misner, an internationally recognized “master of networking”, founded BNI® in 1985 as a means to be able to grow his own Business Consultancy firm.

To learn more, please visit www.bni.com.

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