INW2022 (3)

February 6th - 12th 2022

February 6th to the 12th 2022 is BNI’s 15th Annual International Networking Week. This year is all about introducing visitors to power of networking and the benefits of BNI.

The Week starts with a BNI Better Together YouTube Live Event will stream on February 7th, 2022. Members and Visitors will be provided a lifelong learning opportunity to hear Dr. Ivan Misner and Graham Weihmiller discuss their secrets of networking and developing a successful business.

Tell others that we are “Better Together” by recognizing the support Members provided professionally and personally throughout 2021.

Chapters are encouraged to use the editable certificates and social media assets to recognize and say thank you during the weekly meeting.

We have created a variety of assets to help you market and promote International Networking Week.

The interactive tool kit has links to social media assets, hashtags, zoom backgrounds, logos, recommendations, and much more...check it out!

About International Networking Week®:

International Networking Week® has been a global BNI initiative for an opportunity for members to show appreciation for their valued customers and contacts with the gift of a larger network. The goal of International Networking Week is to celebrate the key role that networking plays in the development and success of businesses across the world. International Networking Week is an annual event that takes place the first full week in February.

About BNI:

Business Network International (BNI), the world's largest and most successful business networking organization, is transforming the global landscape of business through its philosophy of Givers Gain®. Today, BNI has 285,000 member-businesses who attend one of 10,500 weekly chapter meetings in over 70 countries around the globe. BNI's proven business networking platform provides BNI Members with proven structure, technology, training, and support to help them build strong businesses in any environment. BNI® Online is its newest product, an advanced online platform that helps BNI Members share valuable client referrals with other Members. In 2021, BNI Members generated over $18 billion USD in revenue via 12 million referrals. To learn more, visit

A Look Back At INW 2021

Paul Richardson is a Member of the Crossroads BNI Chapter  in Berlin, Vermont. He is the owner of StoryWorkz and holds the photography seat in his Chapter. In this video, Paul gives A World of Thanks to fellow BNI Vermont Member, Caroline Matte. Caroline not only helped Paul design his business' logo, but also referred him to a company that generated business for him and more BNI Members in the area.

Video Contest Winners

A World of Thanks to all who submitted a video celebrating your network and taking time to appreciate those who made a difference in your life. Here are this year's Top Ten Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):