5th - 11th, 2023

Program Overview

2023 marked the 16th installment of International Networking Week, which began as a way to help business leaders around the world connect and build their networking skills together. Today, International Networking Week has grown into a world-class week of business networking activities recognized in over 75 countries!

This year, we welcomed you to attend a local Chapter Meeting, network with other like-minded professionals in an exclusive International Speed Networking event, participate in the Connect 5 Challenge, or learn about business trends and the power of BNI during our celebratory webinar.

BNI: Referrals for Life™.

Speed Networking

International Speed Networking took place on 7 February, 2023 as part of BNI's 16th International Networking Week(TM). We welcomed nearly 2,000 Members, friends of BNI, and other business leaders from 70 countries to connect with each other to build their networks and sharpen their networking skills. Participants had a chance to learn best practices from other business owners and entrepreneurs about growing their businesses in 2023. Dr. Ivan Misner, who attended one of the sessions, said "it was a blast to show up and meet members from all over the world. I must have met members in 10 or 20 countries in just an hour!"
If you are not connected to the BNI Network, please visit to learn more.

Referrals for Life Webinar

Wednesday, February 8th at 2pm GMT (9am ET)


We welcomed you to join the Referrals for Life webinar on Wednesday, February 8th, at 2pm GMT (9am ET) to set your business up for success in 2023. BNI’s Chairman and CEO Graham Weihmiller joined and shared with us 2023 global business trends and insights. Then, BNI Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Dr. Ivan Misner discussed the importance and relevance of business networking in today's business landscape. Lastly, a panel of BNI Members shared their success stories to show how BNI provides Referrals for Life.

Non-BNI Members were welcome to take part in this exclusive event. Availability was limited, and as expected, all sessions were maxed out at full capacity. This world-class event was free of charge, so watch the webinar now!


CEO Graham Weihmiller travelled to 5 countries in 7 days to connect with BNI leaders and recognized high-performing Regions and Chapters. We challenged all BNI Directors to visit 5 Chapter meetings during International Networking Week to increase visibility and provide recognition to high-performers in Chapters!

Member and Director Resources

For our excellent Members and Directors, please use the links below to access a toolkit of materials to help promote these events:

About BNI

Business Network International (BNI), the world's largest and most successful business networking organization, is transforming the global landscape of business through its philosophy of Givers Gain®. Today, BNI has over 290,000 Member-businesses who attend one of nearly 11,000 weekly Chapter meetings. BNI's proven business networking platform provides BNI Members with proven structure, technology, training, and support to help them build strong businesses in any environment. BNI® Online is its newest product, an advanced online platform that helps BNI Members share valuable client referrals with other Members. In 2022, BNI Members generated $20.4 billion USD in revenue via more than 13 million referrals. To learn more, visit