International Networking Week: February 4 - 10, 2024

International Networking Week® is an annual initiative that provides a platform for business leaders across the globe to cultivate meaningful connections, foster collaboration, and unlock opportunities for long-term success.

This celebration highlights the valuable advantages of networking for business owners and professionals worldwide. Among the impactful benefits are business growth, referrals, mentorship, enhanced visibility and credibility, brand promotion, and the creation of a supportive community.

How to Participate


Create a Breakthrough Moment:

Try something new! Register for a local networking event, reconnect with a former colleague or client, reach out to a new contact, or visit a BNI Chapter. Step out of your comfort zone to achieve a breakthrough result!


Participate in a Speed Networking Event:

BNI Members and Directors can participate in virtual and in-person networking events crafted to connect you with other like-minded professionals in your region, country or from different corners of the globe.


Join the 1-2-1 Extravaganza:

Help us achieve our collective, record-breaking goal of 500,000 1-2-1 meetings by completing five 1-2-1s between February 4-10, 2024. Don’t forget to track them in BNI Connect!


Visit a BNI Chapter:

You don’t have to be a BNI Member to participate in International Networking Week with BNI! Find A Chapter near you and unlock breakthrough opportunities for your business.


Share Your Stories:

Use #INW2024 on social media to share how networking has impacted your business and your life; snap a photo at your networking event or during your 1-2-1s. Connect with others and celebrate the incredible breakthroughs that come from networking!

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